Alicia Eler


Pink flowers for owl

Owl with pink flowers

Owl with pink flowers

It seems appropriate to start this blog off with something about me. So, here’s a picture of my owl tattoo, inked into my skin in November 2008, and the pink flowers that I just got at the end of August 2009.

My friend Peregrine Honig drew the owl, and Chet Duvenci at Mercy Seat Tattoo in Kansas City, did the actual tattoo. I was scared shitless, and had already walked out on the first try back in August 2008. Owl happened on the second try.

After I got owl, Peregrine and Chet warned me that tattoos were addictive. I didn’t believe them–until I had to get my second tattoo, which built upon the first one: pink flowers for owl.

I was ready for the pink flowers, and they only took one try. Peregrine drew them, and Mercy Seat tattoo artist Chris Orr modified them so they’d look nice with my owl. Even though I didn’t chicken out, I thought about it as I was sitting in the lobby of Mercy Seat, waiting for a tattoo artist to draw permanent ink into my skin. Chris Orr tattooed me, and as soon as he pushed the needle into my skin, my  initial fear dissolved. Well, until the painful pink flower coloring process began—I didn’t know how much color hurt.

I feel so fortunate to have a friend like Peregrine Honig, who drew both tattoos and documented the entire process using photo and video. My very awesome roommate, Sarah Bendix, took these this photo for me about 10 days into the healing process.


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